Looking for a group program?

Corporate, team building, conference, adventure tour, group of friends, weddings, family events, tours, camps?

Island Krk is a great opportunity for almost any company, small or large, whether it is a corporate outing, a tour of a larger group of friends, or even a training camp.

Some pictures of our favorite sites:

What program should I have?

From the many options available on and around the island, we try to select the most suitable programs for the group.

We have already organized company team building trainings, weddings, girl requests, training, leadership meetings, castle exploration tours, cycling, sailing, maneuver training, music events …

How do we help you choose?

After the first contact, our staff will try to find out exactly what needs and opportunities the team has.

For example, a retired group is not sent to climb a mountain, but for a young athletic team this can be a great challenge.

After an accurate needs assessment, we make several possible plans. From these we will select together what will make the visiting company feel as good as possible.

Of course, it will still be possible to make changes.

Hotel Kanajt



About accommodations:

Our main accommodation is the Solinebay Apartment House, where we can accommodate up to 70 people in 3-4 star fully equipped apartment houses with a pool.

In addition, we have already grouped in several hotels and other apartments in the nearby village.

We try to find accommodation where all members of the group can relax under the same conditions and there is a possibility for group activities, dinner, breakfast.

Meals are served on our cozy barbecue terrace or in one of the nearby restaurants. Plenty of varied breakfasts and dinners are waiting for our groups.

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