Good Friday

Arrival to the island, occupation of the accommodation.
Getting to know each other over a nice dinner

Holy Saturday

Exploration tour around the lighthouses and hundreds of years old towns on the island of Krk.


Discover Plavnik, an uninhabited island, before a traditional lamb dinner.

Easter Monday

Easter Sprinkling, prsut tasting

Special flavors, jewelry box small towns, breathtaking panorama.

Our Easter excursion revives the millennial-old past, exploring the hidden treasures of the island.

Visit us and discover our island on the most beautiful holiday of spring!

We provide a special experience, locations, and a worthy celebration of Easter.

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Accommodation – Arrival


Arrival in the afternoon, free activity afternoon,

The apartments are fully equipped.

You can find the accommodation at the Kristina Apartment House in Cizici on the eastern side of the island.

At 7 pm, get-together and dinner at the house restaurant.

We get together, get to know each other and discuss the exact details.

Saturday – In the wake of Lighthouses

Exploration tour of lighthouses and ancient cities.

After breakfast, a beautiful excursion explores two beautiful lighthouses on the East Coast.

At the foot of the lighthouses of Klimno and Silo we follow the footsteps of sailors and pirates.

We visit Vrbnik, one of the most beautiful town on the island.

At evening dinner at the hotel.

Easter Sunday – Boat trip

  • We visit the second largest unihabited island
  • We will cruise around the island with a cruise ship booked for us
  • We discover the natural treasures of the island
  • We will look at our protected animals, birds
  • We climb up to the top of an island to admire an incredible view

Dinner at the Agroturisam Jurja restaurant.

“Take a large round cast iron bowl.
Cover with a heavy cover made for it.

Put the meat of a lamb who has eaten thyme, oregano, sage and lots of herbs throughout his life.

Season it with locally picked plants with salt, pepper, red wine made on the island, and just add vegetables and garnish.

Heat the whole thing in the oven with the ember on the bottom and top for 1-2 hours, until the lamb becomes crumbly.

You can finish the rest with homemade olive and mangalica greased bread. ”

EASTER MONDAY – Prsut, which is not ham

I hope, Gentlemen, you will not forget to sprinkle the girls!

The early risers before breakfast, the more sleepy afterwards, but if all goes well, we will be able to dip in the sea in the morning. The past few years have been such a good weather at Easter that we could swim in the sea for a bit.

They are waiting for us at Vrh in the Prsut house,

where we can taste Croatia’s official finest multi-award winning pruts. The sea wind dried ham.

After lunch, we say goodbye, waving and promise each other that we’ll meet soon!

* the pictures were taken at our Easter program last year. They may not be the most professional settings and the best pictures, but they are real. This is what happened at last year here with us…

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With programs, guided tours, our favorite restaurants, and exploring the hidden treasures of our island.

Mini Package:

Adults 195 € / person,
Up to 10 years 110 € / person.

-3 nights accommodation, with breakfast, with dinner at first night

Maxi package:

Adults € 295 / person,
Up to 10 years 185 € / person.

– 3 nights accommodation, half board, peka dinner, prsut tasting, boat trip and beach picnic

+ 1 night 25 € / person

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your application with the application number.

If you have selected a bank transfer, it will include your bank account number and information.

Our system will also issue you an invoice for the payment, which will be emailed to you.

If you have any questions, call or write an email!

Hungarian contact:

Jani Gabriella +36 (70) 4200839
[email protected]

Welcome to Krk Island!

The organizers