Surpice tasting in Dobrinj

Biserujka stalactite cave


Wine terrace in the most beautiful place


View from the road leading to Risika

We take a swim in Risika

There is a long way from prehistoric times to the most famous wine on the island.

Where you would never go alone,

and what all our friends should see.

Where are we going?

  • Biserujka Stalactite Cave – Discover the secret pirate cave.
  • Dobrinj, the capital of the eastern coast, is where you can find the most delicious Surlice.
  • Vrbnik. Where you can find wines grown only on the island Krk, a wine terrace above the world.
  • Hidden bays to Vrbnik. Just a gravel road on the shore. But when you see it ….
  • Risika, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the east coast

All day excursion with a little history, sightseeing, local food specialties, with wines only grown on the island.

Our first stop:

Biserujka Stalactite Cave – A hiding place for cave bears and a treasure chest for medieval pirates.

We leave at Solinebay Apartment House at 9am.

Everybody drives there own cars to our first location, the stalactite cave 5km away.

The cave is 110 meters long, with its deepest point 12 meters below the ground and 53 meters below sea level. It is covered with a 3-5 meter layer of earth and receives moisture only from the rain. Due to its underground location it is a very unusual mountain cave.


which origins from a legend. According to this, long ago pirates hid their treasures here. Its main parts are the Entrance, the Balcony, the Mine, the Great Hall, the North Canal, the Hidas Hall and the Cimpresna Hall. Its temperature is 15.0 ºC and the air humidity is 95%, which makes staying there pleasant. Its wildlife is very diverse. The skeleton of the cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) was also found in the cave.


Dobrinj – the capital of Surlice

A beautiful little town, one of the oldest towns on the island, with one of the most beautiful views in the area.

Between 700-800 years old, we will find the Zora restaurant in the center of the city.

That’s the place where the traveler must sample Surlice, a local handmade pasta dish.

Surlice is a macaroni-like, very abundant pasta dish. Each thread is handmade by the women of Dobrinj.

The toppings range from traditional veal peppers to crab sauce to roasted vegetables.

Must taste!

Vrbnik – the capital of wine

Three special grape varieties not found anywhere else are produced on the island.

The largest vineyards and most of the wineries can be found here in this wonderful little town.

The narrowest street in the world.

In Vrbnik we will find the narrowest street in the world, 43 cm wide. There’s only space for one person at time between the walls.

Walking down the narrow streets of the city brings back hundreds of years of history.

The best wines can be tasted on the Nada wine terrace, 90 meters from the top of the cliff.


We will visit one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the east coast after lunch.

Little relaxation, bathing in the sea, relaxation in the azure sea bay.

The history greets us here too, since the the ruins of St. Marak’s Church which is dating back to the XIV. century can be seen, only few hundred meters from the sandy beach.

On the hidden beach road leading to it you can enjoy the best view of the east coast. Winding through small “family-sized” bays, we find our favorite beach.

At the end of Risika’s beach, we can taste the local restaurant’s meals.